Zoning Products

The AirBoss® is perfect for larger residences or light commercial applications and can control up to eight zones. It has the flexibility to control single or multi-stage equipment, including heat pumps.
Item IDItem Description
PAN-AB002AirBoss® 2-zone panel
PAN-AB003AirBoss® 3-zone panel
PAN-AB004AirBoss® 4-zone panel
PAN-AB006AirBoss® 6-zone panel
PAN-AB008AirBoss® 8-zone panel




  • Residential & light commercial up to eight zones
  • Two stage
  • Variable speed
  • Furnace
  • Air conditioner
  • Heat pump
  • Dual Fuel


  • Master zone control for unoccupied system set back from zone one programmable thermostat
  • On-board second stage delay time eliminates the need for two stage thermostats
  • Leaving air temperature (LAT) sensor
  • Unlimited slave zones can be added


Universal Compatibility

The AirBoss® works with any standard 24 volt system including split geothermal, heat pump, and conventional furnace and air conditioner. This makes the AirBoss® perfect for both new construction and retrofit applications.

Versatile Options

The AirBoss® can operate 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8 zones and an unlimited number of slave zones can be added. This makes the AirBoss® perfect for larger residential properties and light commercial applications where temperature control and usage patterns call for zoning.

AirBoss Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all our panels are compatible with fossil fuel, heat pump and duel fuel. With heat pump applications, the AirBoss® does require heat pump thermostats on all zones unlike the Arzel® HeatPumPro®.