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Is Now the Time to Upgrade Your AC?

Is 2024 the year to upgrade your aging AC unit? We’re highlighting ten factors that can indicate a need for an air conditioning upgrade. Having one or two of these signs may point toward repair needs. But the more signs you notice, the more likely it is that you need a replacement ASAP.

We know that it’s easy to put off a central air installation in Skaneateles, and it’s time to stop procrastinating and make an investment in a brand-new unit. Keep reading to learn more about the signs that your AC is sputtering out as we head into the 2024 summer season. 

1. You’re constantly facing repairs.

If you’re calling our team for a new AC repair every few weeks to a month, you need an upgrade. Your unit may be old enough that all of the components are wearing down at once.

2. Repair costs are adding up.

It’s one thing to make inexpensive repairs, but pricey ones can really hurt your bank account. We recommend that you not spend more than 50% of what a new AC installation costs on any repairs. If you’re facing one or more expensive repair bills for your unit, it’s time to let it retire.

3. Your air conditioner is 10 years old or older.

It’s not uncommon for ACs to last for 15 years or maybe a little longer if it was well cared for. But the ten-year mark is usually when the manufacturer’s warranty is up. Plus, your unit can begin to show increasing signs of aging with each year that passes beyond this point. 

4. Humidity levels are high.

Your air conditioner also removes some moisture from the air as a part of the cooling process. Noticeable changes in humidity levels may point back to inefficient AC operation. Of course, you also have to take weather changes into account. As summer heats up, your home may feel a little warmer or more humid, but it shouldn’t be alarmingly so.

5. Airflow smells unusual.

If your air conditioner is producing air that smells musty, damp, or like something inside the unit is burning, something serious may be wrong. Turn your unit off until our team can get to the source of the bad odor and help you address the problem.

6. Your AC makes loud noises.

Your air conditioner makes a variety of sounds as it runs, but never loud, obnoxious, or alarming sounds. In fact, the sounds of typical operation should be steady and soft, fading into the background as white noise. Loud or unexpected sounds mean something inside the system is loose or malfunctioning.

7. You notice damaged wires.

Wear and tear happens to everything, including your AC and all its parts. But fraying wires of any kind are leaving your home and family at risk. Frayed wires pose electrical hazards that may lead to fires. 

Live a happier, healthier, and more comfortable life—trust Breathe Easy of CNY Heating & Cooling for Syracuse all your AC needs! We are consumers, too! Contact us today!

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