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Blower Door Testing in Syracuse, NY

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Breathe Easy of CNY performs home energy audits to help homeowners in Syracuse, NY and the surrounding areas make improvements to home performance. One of the essential tools we use for this job is infrared blower door testing, a process that detects excess air leakage and points of heat gain and loss. This is valuable information to help with reducing energy consumption.

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  • All installers and technicians are trained on a regular, ongoing basis
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We have an extensively trained team that uses the best technology in the home performance industry. We’ll use the finest equipment in blower door testing to help you make improvements to increase overall energy efficiency and indoor comfort and help with preventing outdoor contaminants from getting indoors.

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Blower Door Test

What Is a Blower Door Test?

When Breathe Easy of CNY performs a blower door test, we close all exterior doors and windows in your house and then place a plastic blower door over the front entrance. The door contains a powerful fan that draws the air from the house to depressurize it, causing outdoor air to rush in through any available avenues.

A blower door test allows our auditors to detect leaks in the building envelope of your house. These leaks contribute to energy waste, drafts, excess heat, and outdoor contaminants entering your living space. After a blower door test, we can make detailed recommendations for improving your home’s envelope.

Infrared Blower Door Test

To make our blower door tests even more effective, we use infrared cameras (thermal imagers) to better determine where heat is moving in and out of your house. We can use this information to tell the difference between air leaks and insulation gaps, and you’ll receive a more detailed report about home improvements.

To find out more about our energy audits in Syracuse, NY, contact our team today.