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Zone Control Systems in Syracuse, NY

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A zoned HVAC system gives you the power to control which rooms in your house receive cooling and heating. Just call Breathe Easy of CNY to arrange for a HVAC zoning upgrade to your current system. All our technicians are certified and trained to work with the newest in zoning technology—we’ll exceed your expectations.

  • We treat your home the way we want our homes to be treated
  • Installations may include a 5-year labor warranty
  • A reputation for doing the job right the first time

Because we’re also consumers who live in the Syracuse, NY area, we understand how homeowners want to be treated. We’ll see you receive the service you need from an experienced and friendly team.

Live a happier, healthier, and more comfortable life—trust us for your HVAC services! We are consumers too!


Zone Control Systems Installation

Here are some of the best reasons to have zone controls installed in your house:

  • Use less energy—only pay to heat and cool the rooms that need it.
  • Stop "thermostat wars"—people in your household can set their local temperature to match their comfort level.
  • More even heating and cooling with fewer hot and cold spots.
  • Customize temperatures in rooms to match how they’re used.

Our technicians can retrofit an older system with the necessary dampers and thermostats, or we can install a new HVAC system with zone controls built in.

Zone Control Systems Repair

If your zone controls aren’t working right, such as non-responsive zone thermostats or broken dampers, you only need to call Breathe Easy of CNY in Syracuse, NY and we’ll send technicians to get it fixed.