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Professional maintenance for the HVAC equipment that manages your home comfort throughout the year isn’t a bonus service—it’s essential if you want your heater and AC to work reliably and without massive energy waste.

Breathe Easy of CNY is dedicated to seeing that your valuable HVAC equipment runs in peak condition year after year through the weather extremes in the Syracuse, NY area. When you join our Breathe Easy Assurance plan, you’ll have the twice-annual maintenance necessary for worry-free comfort and money savings. We offer more than just regular maintenance through our Breathe Easy Assurance plan—we offer “whole-home comfortization”!

Live a happier, healthier, and more comfortable life—trust us for your HVAC services!


The Breathe Easy Assurance Plan

As a member of the Breathe Easy Assurance Plan, you’ll receive two detailed inspections and tune-ups each year: one for your cooling system in the spring and one for your heating system in the fall. During these maintenance visits, our skilled technicians will give your HVAC system a top-to-bottom inspection and make adjustments and cleanings to ensure the safest, most energy efficient and effective performance for the season to come. Maintenance has long-term benefits as well—you can expect to get a lengthier service life from your equipment thanks to our expert care.

Learn about the Breathe Easy Assurance Plan for regular maintenance